How to Distinguish Leather From Synthetic Bags?

It’s not always that easy to identify the difference between a genuine leather product and a synthetic leather product. Ordinary people like us will find it hard to distinguish whether a product is made of real leather or not. What is real leather and what is synthetic leather anyway?

Real leather is the leather made of hides (skins of animals). Depending on what type of product to make, the leather could be from cow hides, ox hides, crocodile hides, ostrich feet hides, etc.

Synthetic leather is artificial (man-made) leather. Synthetic leather looks like real leather. It has a leather-like surface and is dyed and treated to make it look and feel like real leather. Synthetic leather is often used as a substitute for real leather because it is less expensive and does not require killing animal to get the hides. What are the ways to identify the difference between them anyway?

Price: Genuine leather is usually more expensive than synthetic leather. The reason is that genuine leather has to go through many processes before reaching the final product. That’s why genuine leather is more expensive.

Seeing: Genuine leather surface has a clearer pores, pattern. Some always have the hair holes or fire branch (the hide was fired so it doesn’t smell rotten and last longer).

Burning/smelling: Genuine leather has the smell of leather, synthetic leather has a smell of plastic. If you tear a bit of the product and burn it, you will know. Genuine leather smells like burning hair, because it’s made of living things, synthetic leather will smell like burning plastic.

Brand: the brand name of the product might tell you whether it’s genuine leather or synthetic leather. Try to use a search engine to know more about the product brand name.

The points above are just a guide to help you distinguishing the difference between genuine leather product and synthetic leather product. If you say leather product come in Asian countries like China is mostly artificial leather, you might be wrong. This means the products are made of genuine leather and still cheap.

In conclusion, if you really like some product, just buy it. Don’t let the materials hesitate your purchasing decision. But if you really look for genuine leather then my points above will be very helpful.

20 Tips For Travelling With Kids

Taking a trip with kids could be a bit like taking a herd of wild goats on vacation. Up, a mum of 2 deals recommendations on travelling with kids, after that a papa reveals how he takes care of to travel with older kids.

Mama’s tips for taking a trip with young children

Take your time

The best point you could take– whether at the airport terminal, taking in the sights or receiving from A to B– is extra time. Toddlers love to explore and uncommitted for the time pressures of travel, so you’re much more likely to all maintain your cool if you factor the faffing, gawping, stalling, toilet quits and also tantrums right into your duration.

Reserve in advance

Whether you’re camping or staying in resorts, it pays to publication ahead. Attempting to preserve the spontaneity of travel BC (Before Kids) doesn’t settle if you get to your location to locate you can’t bag a bed or pitch and also have to attack the road once more featuring weary, hungry young children thawing down in the rear seat.

Provide them a cam

Giving toddlers their very own (sturdy, child-friendly) electronic camera urges them to note their environments and concentrate on exactly what interests them. You might be startled at the arise from their knee-high view. Amongst images of feet and also wheels, my three-year-old has actually shot flowers, animals, helicopters, boats, rocks as well as bunny poo.

Be prepared for the environment

It’s basic insight, however kids dressed pleasantly for the weather condition as well as surface will certainly be better in a brand-new setting. With all the equipment available, there’s no justification for dressing young children in ski-suits four dimensions also large, neglecting their gloves, or leaving them barefoot on a beach where sea urchins lurk.

Load Pull-Ups for potty training

Planes and public transport during the potty training days can be a problem. As if you really did not have enough in your hand luggage, now you’re expected to include a potty, 3 adjustments of clothing and also bags of damp, stinky trousers. Potty-training gurus may differ, however if toddlers are still having great deals of little accidents then I recommend putting them back right into Pull-Ups on the aircraft.

Be app-y

Many thanks to toddler-friendly apps, there’s no should pack a plaything box into your hand luggage when passing by aircraft. Indeed take a book and also a magic scribbler (crayons just get shed down the side of seats), however one of the most compact form of amusement is a device packed with applications and video games.

Use public transportation

Most young children enjoy the novelty of travelling by train, bus as well as boat, so ditch the hire car as well as use public transport where possible. In Switzerland, my two-year-old would duplicate the names of the local area stops as they were revealed– prompting surges of giggling as well as making him a lot more ecstatic regarding boarding the train each day.

Invest in a kid locator

In my encounter, kids typically aren’t followers of reins, backpacks with a leash, or any type of infringement on their flexibility. Keep tabs on them at flight terminals, train stations and crowded attractions featuring a kid locator. The youngster uses a little device (strapped to a belt or shoe) as well as you keep the transmitter. If you shed your child set off the alarm as well as comply with the audio to discover them.

Keep bugs at bay

Whether you’re taking a trip to Paignton or Peru, anti-bacterial wipes as well as hand sanitizer are handbag basics. A wipe of the cutlery in restaurants where you’re uncertain of hygiene, or a squirt of hand sanitizer when there’s no cleaning facilities, can zap a few germs and also prevent young children capturing some common bugs.

Do not forget the medicine

Whether they’re out of routine, jet-lagged, or consuming a lot less healthily, youngsters consistently seem to obtain ill on holiday. Moisten the effect of damaged evenings, torn temperaments and also fevers by packing an easy-to-swallow medicine such as Calpol in the UK. Other basic components in your emergency treatment package must include antiseptic wipes, plasters, sting therapy, and a thermometer.

Papa’s travel ideas for older youngsters

Don’t allow the kids pack their own rucksacks

We as soon as took place a travel featuring our eight-year-old, which whined ceaselessly that her knapsack was too heavy. The reason why? She would certainly brought along her entire collection of fossils “just in instance”. Do allow the kids have input but keep in mind to modify this heavily prior to departure.

Keep the activities coming

If you’re going on a lengthy trip have a compilation of toys to be given out when a hr. Handheld puzzles, tiny colouring publications, sticker labels, wordsearches as well as little packs of Plasticine will kill time on a long air travel or auto trip.

Have a variety of family members video games prepared in instance of hold-up.

Punch-buggy and also padiddle are popular, if violent, favourites for car journeys, whereas even more cerebral ones like the Alphabet video game are more secure for air travel.

Avoid sugary foods

Withstand the lure to keep them going on a lengthy trip by feeding them sweets. Load a mixture of savoury treats like cheese dices, breadsticks, fruit and also bagels– anything to avoid showing up in an odd city featuring youngsters in the center of a sugar rush.

Motivate them to keep a traveling journal

Obtain your kids attracting as well as detailing points they have actually seen and also interesting foods they’ve tried. Who recognizes, this could additionally encourage them to attempt various foods. Gathering postcards from locations you see and inquiring to compose themselves a message on the back indicates they could get to their adult years featuring a library of memories all their own.

Bear in mind the medication

It must already be on your travelling list, however having youngsters along ways lugging a tiny emergency treatment set is all the much more essential: plasters, antihistamines and sachets of painkilling syrup could conserve a great deal of stress in the future. Antimalarials are also offered in fluid type.

Brand name them

If you’re visiting be travelling through busy, congested flight terminals or transport hubs, compose your mobile number on your youngster’s arm in biro in case they get lost.

Inspect your passports

Kid’s passports just last five years and they have a practice of going out when you’re not looking. Allow at least four weeks to renew one. The price of a last-minute ticket is huge, and specifically galling if you just realise it’s required when already in the ferryboat line at Calais. Do not ask us exactly how we understand this. We merely do.

Bear in mind the infant wipes

Also if all your kids are long from nappies, always remember the infant wipes. They work for washing hands, cleansing commode seats, as well as cleaning down dining establishment tables. In the very same spirit, little bottles of hand facial cleanser can be a lifesaver in some countries, however inspect the travel policies for liquids well in breakthrough.

Engage and also involve older youngsters

The most effective way to stay clear of a soul-destroying sulk from your young adult is to involve them in the planning of the holiday as well as ask them for input on just what they wish to do. You may be amazed to hear it’s not investing all the time on the net.

What To Bring On A Business Trip

business trip 1


Are you planning a business trip? Packing for a business trip is a difficult thing. What are the most important things to focus on when you’re planning a business trip and what do you need to bring? The general thoughts to focus ons are knowing where you are going and what you will be doing. Take only those items that you need, less is more. All clothing should fit for the business settings. Here is some interesting information that can help you further.




Make a travel plan

What is the most important thing to start with whilebusiness trip 3 thinking about what to bring on a business trip?

Organize a plan, your business plan of all the things that you are going to do on the business trip. So, where are you going and what are you going to do there? Make everything clear for yourself with all reservations, tickets, documents and notes. Know your flight times, hotel addresses and phone numbers. Plan any non-business activities if your already know that you will have free time to enjoy!


Prepare yourself for the business tripbusiness trip 2

Can you prepare yourself and the things you need for a business trip? Sure you can! There are a few things for example that you can do. Research local habits that you can observe. Make sure you get your passport and travel documents, if it’s necessary. Purchase travel-size toiletries, these are really useful! Check out the weather for the location and time of the year, this can also help you while packing clothes.


What to pack for the business trip

What do you really need to pack for the business trip? business trip 4Choose luggage that is one size smaller than you thought you would need. For each travel day you pack a pair of socks and underwear. Pack an extra pair of shoes for non-business activities, so you have for meetings and free time shoes/clothes.
How can you pack the best clothes? All clothes should be in a neutral color to maximize the matching. Every item should match every other item (including ties). T-shirts should be nice enough to be worn with sport coats. Don’t forget to match your clothes with the weather! Sure you need something for wet or dirty clothes, just pack a plastic bag and use it for wet clothes or put the dirty ones in it.


Pack a workbag or travel bag

Why should I take a briefcase or travel bag on a business trip? One of these items do you choose to carry work material and important documents. This bag should be by your side on the business trip at all times. So take all work material, pack a digital camera, if you have any medications put it also in it and a book or other reading material.


business trip 5


What to wear during a business trip?

It is always hard to decide what to bring on a business trip for clothing….Why?! Just remember the following elements. Wear a comfortable business outfit for traveling, like a sport coat. A sport coat is really useful because it has a lot of pockets for important documents and it can fit your business style. Wear a pair of business trousers that are wrinkle resistant. About the shoes, appropriate comfortable business shoes. Try to wear shoes that slip on. This will speed time at the airport security check.




– Soft style luggage and briefcases are more adaptable to carrying more items and fitting into tight places.

– Leave unnecessary personal belongings, such as keys or cards that you will not use during the business trip at home.

– Do not take more than one piece of luggage, no matter the length of stay.


So, now you know the interesting facts about what you should bring on a business trip. We recommend that you still have this in mind when you have your next business trip! Of course, you can always contact us for more tips, write any new tips by yourself in a comment or buy a suitcase online at our web shop. Good luck with your business trip!

What To Do When Your Luggage Gets Lost


lost 4You’re tired and looking terrible. Just had a long flight and you are finally arrived at the luggage carousel. You’re waiting and waiting….realizing that your luggage isn’t where it has to be. Great! “What should I do now?” Is what I hear you say. You have some plans and important meetings where you have to be in a few hours. You still have some things to do before the plans…What now?


Where should I start?

What should you do first? The first thing you’ll need to do when your luggage gets lost is at the airport itself. Go to the luggage counter, which is mostly close to the luggage carousel and talk to a representative. Make sure you have the luggage receipt for every piece you’ve checked in when you first arrived at the airport. Why do you need these pieces when your luggage gets lost? These are very important to keep with you. You can use them to determine when something is wrong with your luggage.


Fact: according to The Travel Insider, only 2 percent of “lost” luggage is really lost. The luggage is likely to be either delayed or on board another plane by accident. So that’s a bit positive on this subject!


What are your rights?

lost 3If the airline loses your luggage, you have rights. As soon as you aren’t upset about it as much as you did and you drank a delicious coffee to calm down, then it’s time to get your head up and working on getting your things back! If your luggage is lost, many airlines have a maximum claim allowance, which is usually indicated on the back of your ticket, baggage receipt or on your airline’s website. If your luggage has been declared officially lost, the airline will reimburse you for it. You’ll need to fill out a claim form and detail what was inside each bag. It’s important to take these claim allowances into careful consideration, especially when you’re packing.


Tip: when you have a claim limit around 250 euro, then it’s not really smart to pack a 900 euro laptop in your luggage.


Tricks to prevent that your luggage gets lost

  • Avoid tight connections when you’re planning your air travel—if you’re struggling to get to your next flight, chances are, the people inlost 2 charge of your luggage are feeling frazzled too.
  • Take off any old tags from flights you have taken before as these might confuse the person responsible for directing the luggage.
  • Make sure that when you check in to your flight, the person checking your bags attaches the correct destination tags to all of your bags.
  • Put your name and phone number on the outside and inside of your luggage.
  • Use something to differentiate your suitcase, such as a colorful ribbon, to help avoid someone with similar-looking luggage from grabbing it by mistake.
  • Take a photo of your luggage, which you may help the airline employee identify it later.

Hopefully you understand what to do, but we rather want you to travel save without losing any luggage! Still need a save bag or cabin luggage to travel with? Check out our travel bags for sale at the online web shop.

How To Keep Your Wallet Organized

wallet 4

There you go again, it’s shopping time! And what is the one thing you sure need before you leave? Your wallet! A lot can be said about a person by his or her wallet. It is important that you keep your wallet organized. Here are some subjects about how to keep your wallet organized.


Organize the bill holder section of the wallet

Why does your wallet always get so thick? Most of the times is because of all the bills and papers that you just put in the bill holder section of the wallet. Separate your stuff! The receipts from the cash and bills. Throw away any unnecessary receipts, this will make more space in your wallet.


Why all those cards in your wallet?

Look at them, all the cards you have in your wallet but do you even wallet 3know every one of them? Think about, which ones are the most important and do you use on a regular basis? The ones you use on a regular basis can you have in your well organized wallet for all the time. What about the ones you need sometimes? Just keep them in a card holder and put them in your wallet only if you need them. Do you have a lot of cards that you always want to have with you? Then is the card holder a perfect product for you.


The beautiful picture selection

Do you have all these pictures in your wallet? If you have space for it, it’s okay. But most of the time people don’t have space for all those pictures. What can you do about it? Pic your favorites and/or most important pictures and put them in your wallet, but not at a place where you have not enough space.


wallet 2


How do you get so much unnecessary things in your wallet?

What do have in your wallet? There are so many things people put in their wallets but those are mostly the problem…what do you need to keep your wallet organized? “Oh, I’ll just put it here for now”, this is one of the most devil sentences when you think about organizing your wallet. When you get home, put it out and place it where it needs to be, it will sure help!




Apps can help you to keep your wallet organized

In our digital world, it’s a given that apps exist strictly with the goal of keeping your wallet spic and span. Here are a few to try:

Cardstar: A popular free app that allows you to cut wallet and keychain clutter by consolidating all your loyalty and rewards cards.

Lemon Wallet: This free app not only allows you to store digital copies of rewards cards, but also insurance cards, credit and debit cards, coupons, and ID cards. All your data is safely stored and encrypted, and a PIN is required to access your cards. If you lose your phone, you can remotely unlink it from your Lemon account.

Google Wallet: Google’s aptly-named app allows you to send money to anyone in the US with an email address, as well as store your credit and debit cards, loyalty programs, offers, and more.


What do you have most in your wallet? Let us know in a comment

    • Moneywallet 5
    • Papers
    • Pictures
    • Bill








Have you read it all? And do you recognize a lot of things that you do with your wallet? Hopefully you know now how to keep your wallet organized or even a bit better. If you have some tips about how to keep your wallet organized then you should let us know it with a comment below. Still need a wallet that is perfectly classified? Check out our leather wallets for sale at the online web shop.

How to Pack a Bag or Suitcase Efficiently

Are you planning a business trip or a personal getaway? Then you probably are happy to find these how to pack a bag or suitcase tips below. What do you have to remember? Pack according to the weather, location and planned activities. Be sure you don’t forget toiletries, medications and valuables such as jewelry in a separate travel case that you can put away in an overhead cabin.



1. Check out the weather forecast before you go

What will the weather be when you’re at the destination? Good to start to pack a bag or suitcase! Is it going to rain or are you able to walk with your flip-flops and top in the sunshine? No weather forecast is 100 percent accurate, having a general idea of what the weather’s going to be like during your trip will help you decide on things you should pack.


2. Make a day by day plan

I know what you’re thinking, “Why should I make a day by day plan for a trip or personal getaway?” To make that clear, this will670px-Pack-a-Bag-or-Suitcase-Efficiently-Step-2 help you decide how many pieces of clothes you need to take minimal with you. Believe this, every time you’ll pack a bag or suitcase and take too much, then you will regret carrying everything… Remember you can always buy something cheap at your destination, like a t-shirt or a pair of shorts. Also good to know, probably in every town you have even been there was a laundromat. So you can always wash your clothes. Over-packing will also leave less room in your suitcase for purchasing gifts and lovely souvenirs.


3. Pack several lightweight layers

Pick an outfit that you can switch during the day. Are you waking up with nice weather but not as warm as it will be in the afternoon? Then you can pick several items that you can wear, in the morning the jacket and in the afternoon the jacket goes off and you can wear only the top. This is a way to get a simple outfit for the whole day!


4. Put heavy things at the bottom

You are going to pack a bag or suitcase with all the heavy stuff that you will bring, but where will you put it? The best way to get those things in a suitcase is to put them at the bottom. Maybe you can put something like a towel first and then the heavy stuff against it, so it can’t break or damage.


BeFunky_76b8673637ab46808f9c98e497b576e2.jpg 5. Rolling vs Folding

Do you have picked out all the clothes that you’re taking with you? Then it’s time to check those out with the real challenge: how will you get it all in your luggage? There are different types, rolling, folding and just laying it down as it is. Folded clothes are less likely to wrinkle but take up more space. Rolled clothes will wrinkle but take up a fraction of the space. You can use both!


-Roll items as tightly as possible in order to achieve the space saving effect.

-Rolling does not necessarily make your clothes more wrinkled, you simply need to be careful that when you roll clothes, you do not roll in any wrinkles. Roll the item as flat as possible. Folding the item along its natural seams first will help.

-Elastic items will be easier to roll without introducing wrinkles.

-If you aren’t very good at rolling, avoid rolling items which wrinkle easily.

-Rolled items will need to be packed tightly, which is why this method should only be used if space is at a premium. Rolled items not tightly packed will cause them to unroll and wrinkle.



6. Use the inside of your shoes as storage space

What can I put in my shoes? Things like socks or maybe underwear that you can roll up and then put it in the shoes. This is a creative way to create more space for other items. And also, it will keep the shoes shape.




7. Fragile items are the best items for the center of the suitcase

Why is it useful to pack fragile items in the center of your case? They are less likely to be broken. Tip: If possible, don’t bring anything fragile.




8. How to organize my case the best

Use folded t-shirts to separate and organize sections of your suitcase. This can be at the middle of the suitcase or the wing.




9. Formal items on top

There are always things that you really want to take with you because you like them so much. Put those items on top! Put dresses, blouses, favorite shirts etc. on top so that you can remove them easily for hanging and ironing. This should also allow them to lie flatter.


10.Put shoes in a plastic bag670px-Pack-a-Bag-or-Suitcase-Efficiently-Step-9

You had them on right? Dirty shoes or new shoes that you want to keep clean or from the rest of the items. Just put them in a plastic back and it’s all fixed, without damaging them or any other items.


11.What to do with creases and gaps?

Place underwear and socks down the sides. There are always small things or maybe a scarf that you will take with you. These things are perfect to fill the creases and gaps.


So, now that you know how to pack a bag or suitcase efficiently, we recommend that you start preparing your upcoming trip! Of course, you can always contact us for more tips and/or buy a suitcase online at our web shop. Good luck!

Should I Travel With Soft Luggage Or Hard Case



What about suitcases?

Do you love traveling? then you probably be known with the struggles of luggage. Everyone has it, all the questions about how can I take all the luggage that I need without bothering to come forwards with my suitcase in my red sweaty and painful hand…for example. Here are some tips and interesting information about suitcases and using it.



maleta gabol line 4 ruedas


Should you go for a hard or soft suitcase?

Are you going to choose for a hard-sided suitcase or a soft one? That’s a hard decision. Because what are the aspects that decisive your decision? We put some positive and negative points for you so you can compare them. Love to hear in a comment what your favorite one is and why. First of all it is really important that you have a suitcase of good quality, they need to be strong to come up to the expectations.




What are the positive points of the hard and soft suitcase?

What about the hard suitcases? Mostly the suitcases are a lot lighter and watertight. Also what is good they are easy to clean, you can stack other bags on it and in general they are stronger. But what about the soft suitcases? The soft ones are easy to expand when you need more space, they mostly have more compartments and pockets in it, easy to put away and can’t croak.





Are there some negative things that are good to know about suitcases?

To start with the hard-sided suitcase. There are a few things about those. Minor damage (scratches) are usually good visible, it can break and you can’t expand it when the suitcase if over full. What are your thoughts about this negatives? We are going to talk about the negatives of the soft suitcases now. You can’t get them clean really quick/easy, it can tear and it is less stronger than the hard-sided suitcase.



5 of the best tips for using suitcases

  1. Go and pick all the stuff you definitely need.
  2. Choose knits, wool, and cottons. These will not rumple and are versatile.
  3. Roll softer stuff so it’s smaller and fold stiffer ones with it. This will give you more space for other things.
  4. Arrange rolled items in the bottom of the bag. Like it’s the bottom of a 3-shells pie.
  5. Place folded garments next and just fill it in.

ingepakte koffer 

We are curious what you always do so here is our question for you

How much do you pack for a two-week holiday?

Minimum – I keep it light so I can carry on my luggage

Medium – I check my bag but don’t want to drag around a heavy case

Maximum – everything but the kitchen sink, I never know what I will need


Hopefully our tips help you to make packing luggage easier and more fun. You will enjoy more during the packing and traveling. Are you still looking to buy soft or hard case cabin luggage to travel with? Olebags has the right one for you.